Recovery Toolkit

The Recovery Toolkit aims to help CDEM Groups and local authorities prepare and support their communities to recover after an emergency, meet their legislative duties and elevate recovery preparedness across New Zealand. This is a living toolkit and will evolve and be built on over time.

Making it easier for you to get on with recovery

This Recovery Toolkit contains tactical resources for recovery, including templates, examples and links to guidance and more information. The resources can be scaled up for use at a Group level across districts.

The templates have prompts based on lessons from previous recoveries. They provide suggestions only - they are not guidance. The templates are plain documents in Word or Excel that you can easily modify for your own needs, for example to include your logo.

We’ve also included examples that territorial authorities have found useful – ‘shared’ practice, rather than ‘best’ practice.

Find useful templates and examples

What is recovery?

Emergencies can affect individuals, communities, regions and nations. How well we recover from events will depend on how well we have prepared to recover.

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Useful templates and examples

Having your templates prepopulated and ready to go before an emergency will help you be prepared. While the recovery will likely unfold and evolve overtime, without clear distinct phases, the following phases will help you find relevant templates in this toolkit.


This toolkit is not a finished product - it is a living toolkit and will evolve over time. We’ll edit and add material in the spirit of continuous improvement. If you’d like to share a template you’ve found useful, suggest we develop one, or provide feedback, we’re keen to hear from you.

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