National Lifelines Forum 2007

The 2007 National Lifelines Forum was held on the 16-17 of October in Auckland.

Annual Activity Summary and Status report (.pdf 242kB)

This report shows the activities of Lifeline Groups from around the country and the NELC.

Presentations from the Forum

Review of Recent and Current Auckland Engineering Lifelines Group Projects

Kevin Loasby and Lisa Roberts will provided an overview of the outcomes of AELG projects undertaken over the past year, including the ‘Hotspots’ project and Exercise Marconi.

AELG Auckland Lifelines - Hot Spots project (.pdf 284kB)

Exercise Marconi Briefing (.pdf 2.5mb)

Auckland International Airport Update (.pdf 2.9mb)

Transpower Lifelines Overview (.pdf 4.8mb)

MCDEM Update

An update was given by Alan Walker on MCDEM’s infrastructure work programmes.

Jenna Rogers of MCDEM also provided a progress report on the project to update The Guide, with emphasis on Section 10, and reference to how this work aligns with the next generation of regional CDEM group plans.

MCDEM Presentation to National Lifelines Forum (.pdf 283kb)

Volcanic Impacts Study Group

This feature session included presentations on:

Current VISG activities and research of interest to Lifeline utilities – Michele Daly VISG Overview (.pdf 1mb)

The volcanology of the Auckland Volcanic Field – Jan Lindsay / Colin Wilson Auckland Volcanic Field Overview (.pdf 5mb)

An overview of Exercise Ruaumoko ’08 – Dave Brunsdon Exercise Ruaumoko Briefing (.pdf 2mb)

Adapting to Climate Change

Julie King and Warren Gray of the Ministry for the Environment presented findings from the four workshops held to date with Lifelines Groups, and outlined the latest information on projected climate change impacts.

Climate Change and Lifelines (pdf 3.2mb)

Reviewing the lessons and recommendations from the NZ Lifelines Study Tours following the 1994 Northridge and 1995 Kobe earthquakes

Dave Brunsdon outlined the preliminary findings from the Wellington Lifelines Group project to look at how well the NZ lessons from the Northbridge and Kobe earthquakes have been taken on board by lifeline utility organisations. Review of Kobe and Northridge Earthquake

Recommendations (.pdf 2mb)

Project Updates

Representatives from the Canterbury, Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa Lifelines Groups reported on the outcomes of their recent MCDEM-funded projects in relation to priority utility sites for response and recovery, reconnaissance plans and safe routes.

Canterbury Priority Routes (.pdf 1.2mb)

WELA Priority Emergency Routes (.pdf 280kb)

Fuel Supply Vulnerability and Contingency Planning

Lisa Roberts of AELG provided an overview of the Petroleum Contingency Plan that AELG is developing on behalf of the Auckland CDEM Group.

Mark Gordon presented on Stage 2 of the Petroleum Hazard Assessment undertaken for the Canterbury Engineering Lifelines Group.

AELG Fuel Plan (.pdf 3.8mb)

Canterbury Petroleum (.pdf 5mb)

Pandemic Planning Issues Following Exercise Cruickshank

MED led a discussion on some infrastructure response developments following Exercise Cruickshank. MED Learnings from Ex Cruickshank (.pdf 340kb)