Readiness: Get prepared to respond to volcanic activity

This page provides volcanic activity readiness messages.

Make and practise your emergency plan, make a grab bag and have emergency supplies. Be aware that in the event of ash fall, you may need to remain indoors for several days.

Find out from your local Civil Defence Emergency Management Group what the volcanic risk in your area is and know how to stay informed.

If you are at risk from volcanic ash fall (especially in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, northern Manawatū, Northland, Taranaki and Waikato), you should add the following to your emergency supplies:

  • Properly-fitted effective dust masks (rated P2 or N95) and goggles without side vents.
  • Plastic wrap or plastic sheeting (to keep ash out of electronics).
  • Cleaning supplies, including an air duster (available at hardware stores), a broom, a shovel, and spare bags and filters for your vacuum cleaner.

You could be stuck in your vehicle, so remember to store emergency supplies there.