CDEM Resilience Fund

This page provides information about the CDEM Resilience Fund

The CDEM Resilience Fund enhances New Zealand’s hazard risk resilience through the development of local and regional capability and practices. The Resilience Fund aligns with CDEM Group Plans and the National Disaster Resilience Strategy (NDRS) priorities:

  • Managing risks: what we can do to minimise the risks we face and limit the impacts to be managed if hazards occur;
  • Effective response to and recovery from emergencies: building our capability and capacity to manage emergencies when they do happen; and 
  • Enabling, empowering, and supporting community resilience: building a culture of resilience in New Zealand so that everyone can participate in and contribute to communities’ – and the nation’s – resilience.

A total of $889,000 (excluding GST) is available each year for projects that improve emergency management capability and contribute to resilience. For financial years 2024/25 and 2025/26, a reduced budget of $689,000 (excluding GST) is available due to pre-approved multi-year projects.

The fund supports strategic targeting of investment in CDEM capability. The focus will be on areas that have the greatest benefit and that support a collaborative approach for the sector. 

For the 2024/25 financial year, preference will be given to projects that are linked to increasing Aotearoa's readiness to catastrophic events such as Hikurangi.

For further information contact: 

CDEM Resilience Fund: Information Series [IS 11/21] (.pdf 832kb)

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