Built environment

This section covers the wide ranging recovery work to restore the built environment after the devastating November 2016 earthquake.

Enabling legislation

The Hurunui/Kaikōura Earthquakes Recovery Act 2016, the Hurunui/Kaikōura Earthquake Recovery (Coastal Route and Other Matters) Order 2016, administered by the Ministry of Transport, was passed on 20 December 2016 and is revoked on 31 March 2018.

It allows for non-notified resource consents, thereby speeding up restoration work to the coastal route on SH1 and the Main North Line. It also allows for restoration work in a conservation area, for example the stabilisation of slopes above the coastal route, as well as in areas otherwise protected, such as freshwater, marine reserves, fur seal sanctuaries, archaeological sites and reserves.

Matters covered in this section: