CDEM exercise calendar

The National Emergency Management Agency collates and displays exercises that form part of the National CDEM Exercise Programme in a calendar format. View the CDEM exercise calendar.

A four-tier approach to exercising is used:

  • Tier One: Local exercise (individual organisation)
  • Tier Two: Group exercise (within CDEM Group)
  • Tier Three: Inter-Group exercise (across CDEM Groups, may include the National Emergency Management Agency)
  • Tier Four: National exercise (New Zealand, or part thereof, including central government).

Only exercises at tier 2 or above are listed below. The exercise calendar also includes exercises that are part of the National Security System National Exercise Programme. See the National CDEM Exercise Programme page for more information.

For further information about any of the exercises listed below, please contact


Date Exercise name Exercise theme Tier Lead agency Point of contact
12 June, 26 June, 10 July 2024  Exercise Rū Whenua Earthquake – Alpine Fault  4 National Emergency Management Agency

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