New Zealand Emergency Management Assistance Team (EMAT)

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The New Zealand Emergency Management Assistance Team is a deployable capability within the emergency management system. EMAT was established in response to recommendations to create a 'fly-in team' to enhance responses to natural disasters and other emergencies.

EMAT's purpose is to provide specialist capability enhancement to assist and support affected regions and their Incident Management Teams to manage an emergency. EMAT helps ensure that New Zealanders receive a consistent level of support in any emergency, wherever and whenever it happens.

EMAT consists of 46 specialist Emergency Managers with a mix of attributes, skills and experience to go wherever required, without delay, to work with and support local, regional or national teams as they manage emergencies. EMAT members are able to operate fully self-sufficiently for the duration of their deployment.

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Incident Management Team (IMT)

This section provides information and links to the incident management framework and role descriptors for all IMT/coordination roles.

Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS)

CIMS 3rd Edition Document