Archaeology and historic heritage

Heritage New Zealand has both a regulatory and advocacy role for archaeology and historic heritage.

Several significant heritage buildings and structures in the district were severely damaged. Specialist staff provide advice on the repair and restoration of these buildings or, in the most serious cases where that is not possible, provide advice to Councils that demolition is an appropriate action in particular cases.

The Kaikōura district, and coast in particular, has a rich history of migration and settlement from the time of the earliest Maori explorers, to whalers and sealers and present day activities. The earthquake had a major impact on the coastal road and rail corridor, the essential north south transport link between the North and South islands and within the South island.

Heritage New Zealand worked closely with NZ Transport agency staff, alliance partners and the NRO to fast track legislation enabling the reconstruction of the coastal transport corridor. A comprehensive approach to a global archaeological authority for the entire length of the corridor with its hundreds of known and unknown archaeological sites was developed and the authority granted in record time. Heritage New Zealand has continued to work closely with the NCTIR on the archaeological authority and the Restoration Liaison Group to support the reconstruction of the coastal transport corridor.