Competency Framework Toolkit

CDEM Competency Framework, Role Maps and Development Needs Analysis.

CDEM Competency Framework Toolkit

The capability development team provides advice and information regarding the tools that can be used to support CDEM Groups to apply the Competency Framework and role maps.

This Toolkit is designed to support CDEM Groups and organisations to use the CDEM Competency Framework, Role Maps and Development Needs Analysis by providing a range of practical and simple-to-use tools, templates and resources.

To ensure the Toolkit is useful we consulted with the sector to find out what should be included. The Toolkit will provide resources to support CDEM Groups to use the CDEM Competency Framework and role maps to:

  • Conduct a development needs analysis
  • Create job profiles
  • Develop learning objectives
  • Developing training content and material
  • Develop interview questions

Competency Framework

The CDEM Competency Framework is a technical standard under the CDEM Act 2002.

The Framework is the result of extensive work across the CDEM sector and its release signified the beginning of our journey towards professionalising emergency management in New Zealand.

The Framework puts CDEM in a robust, evidence-based position from which we have developed a range of tools. We continue to produce evidence-based learning objectives, and align prioritised competencies and indicators to specific CDEM roles (role mapping). We can also use the Framework to identify the necessary competencies and indicators required to progress in a particular CDEM career.

CDEM Competency Framework (.pdf 1.9mb)

If you have any comments on the DNA or the Competency Framework please email

Role Maps

Role maps provide a complete picture of the skills, knowledge and attributes required to be successful and effective in a specific CDEM role.

Each role map contains skill and knowledge statements for a specific role. These statements describe what a person needs to be able to do, and what they need to know to perform in their role.

Role maps can be applied to a range of learning and development (L&D) activities and tools, such as learning objectives, training design, job descriptions, and development needs analysis.

Control (.pdf 1.3mb)

Welfare Centre Supervisor/Temporary Animal Shelter Supervisor (.pdf 1mb)

Public Information Management (.pdf 500kb)

Recovery Manager (.pdf 500kb)

Emergency Management Officer (.pdf 500kb)

Welfare Manager (.pdf 500kb)

Lifeline Utility Coordinator (.pdf 500kb)

Manager - CDEM Group Office (.pdf 500kb)

CDEM Response Teams (.pdf 1.3mb)

CDEM Coordination Centre - Logistics (.pdf 1.2mb)

CDEM Coordination Centre - Intelligence (.pdf 1.3mb)

CDEM Coordination Centre - Operations (.pdf 1.2mb)

CDEM Coordination Centre - Planning (.pdf 1.2mb)

If you require any further information regarding the role maps, please contact the capability development team

Development Needs Analysis (DNA)

The National Emergency Management Agency has published a guide to assist the CDEM sector to conduct Development Needs Analyses.