Mahaanui Kurataiao

Mahaanui Kurataiao have been advising and advocating on behalf of Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura in many spaces through the OIC process.

Mahaanui Kurataiao has been successfully working with many of the key stakeholders to ensure mana whenua has a strong voice for all culture, heritage and natural environment matters and requirements in their takiwā.

As a collective, Mahaanui Kurataiao and Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura also ensured the Iwi Management Plan, Te Pōhā o Tohu Raumati, has been at the forefront of many decisions being made.They also relied heavily on the mātauranga Māori from many whānau members to help and support with all decision making.

Through the Natural Environment space we have liaised with DOC, drafted and provided summaries for applications, whilst facilitating engagement with, and providing recommendations to, the rūnanga to reduce the impact on natural habitat and seals.

Though seals are a listed taonga species for Ngāi Tahu, Te Runanga o Kaikōura acknowledged the importance of the SH1 opening and worked collaboratively to ensure there was a robust process for ensuring active protections are in place. There was some criticism from the community as we were at one stage perceived as the agency that would hinder consents being issued to ensure safety of the seals at all times.

We were comfortable with the process carried out by NCTIR as they ensured there would be effective seal monitoring based on various tested methodologies for the best possible protection.

Mahaanui and NCTIR worked together on appointing an Iwi Environmental and landscape advisor.