Free Risk Communication Workshops - Chch, Wanaka, Wellington

Research-informed workshops for natural hazards professionals. Facilitated by: Dr. Jacqueline Dohaney, a geoscience education and communication researcher.

Risk Communication in Context: Crossing the Disciplinary Boundaries
What: Workshop aimed at bridging the gaps between communication, emergency management, engineering, physical and social sciences professionals who communicate with the public before, during and after a natural hazards event.

When: Nov. 17, 2-5pm

Where: Christchurch, University of Canterbury Staff Club, Upstairs conference room.

For: Physical scientists (CRI and academic), emergency managers, and engineers.

Cost: Free

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Communicating your science: Geoscience communication research and practice

What: Workshop exploring what busy geoscientists can do to increase the impact of their efforts and engage new audiences. We'll look at best practice from recent communication research and give practical tips for improving science communication, interactions with media and the public. Co-facilitated with Dacia Herbulock from the Science Media Centre

When: Nov. 29, 3:30-5:30pm 

Where: Wanaka, Lake Wanaka Centre, Faulks Room

For: Geoscientists: academics, researchers and postgraduate students.

Cost: Free

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Dimensions of Risk Communication: Systems, Scale and Dynamics

What: Workshop focusing on how risk communication is part of a larger, ongoing, dynamic relationship with stakeholders and communities. We will explore how perceived risk changes through time (and through a series of events) and learn to develop strategies on how to communicate to diverse audiences about the science and impact of natural hazards.

When: Dec. 9, 2-4:30pm

Where: Wellington, Royal Society of New Zealand, Aronui Lecture Theatre, 11 Turnbull St, Thorndon

For: Physical scientists (CRI and academic), social scientists, emergency managers, and engineers

Cost: Free

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Published: Oct 31, 2016, 3:15 PM