Recovery: What to do after a flood

This page provides flood recovery messages.

Remember that if you have been evacuated, it may not be safe to return home even when the floodwaters have receded. Listen to emergency services and local Civil Defence authorities and don’t return home until they tell you it is safe to do so.

Stay up to date with the latest weather information from MetService, Te Ratonga Tirorangi, New Zealand’s National Weather Service. Check to see if further severe weather or flooding is possible.

Stay away from damaged areas so that rescue and emergency operations can continue. You will also avoid further risk from the residual effects of floods, such as contaminated water, damaged roads, landslides, mudflows, and other hazards.

Look before you step. After a flood, the ground and floors are covered with debris, including broken bottles and nails. Floors and stairs that have been covered with mud can be very slippery.

Check out the Insurance section for more information on how your property might be covered following a hazard event.