New response planning guideline published

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has published a new guideline on response planning. Response planning is the coordination of separate functions and support agencies into a cohesive, unified whole to achieve the Controller’s response objectives.

This guideline is the first one concerning response planning issued by the Ministry. It details planning theory and concepts, describes two separate planning processes (Quick and Detailed) and contains templates to help planning teams create an Action Plan.  The guideline provides further detail on the planning information in the new National CDEM Plan and the CIMS Manual Second Edition. It also contains information for Controllers, Intelligence, Operations and other functions.


Response planning occurs in a dynamic, high-stakes situation, normally with incomplete information. Effective planning allows a response to shift from reacting to hazard consequences, and allows it to begin proactively managing the situation. By ensuring that all functions and agencies are included in the planning process, it is possible to ensure that the needs, intentions and capabilities of all stakeholders are included in managing the response.


The guideline is available here and includes detailed information on how to develop Action Plans and other plans before and during a response.


The Director’s Guideline for Response Planning in CDEM has been developed with Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups. The guideline is an important resource for planning for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies


Published: Dec 10, 2015, 9:47 AM