What is System Capability?

An overview of the System Capability.

The three teams within the System Capability Unit / Wāhanga Pūmanawa Pūnaha lead the identification, design and implementation of strategies and plans that build the capability, capacity and resilience of the emergency management system across Aotearoa.

They do this by:

  • Valuing, recognising and supporting Māori workforce development as key partners in emergency management response and recovery.
  • Developing and implementing a range of workforce development initiatives to support professionalisation of the workforce in partnership with local, regional and national stakeholders.
  • Developing national pathways and providing national learning and assessment products.
  • Establishing standards and providing training to NEMA staff to strengthen our capability as the lead agency for natural hazards.
  • Supporting performance improvement activities and testing plans, capability, relationships, governance, resources, structures, processes and doctrine through national and regional exercises.  
  • Building resilience within the system including with business, NGOs, networks and professional bodies.
  • Looking to the future and leveraging off opportunities to build coherency and tackle the complex challenges.