Reduction: Reduce the impacts of storms

This page provides storm reduction messages.

If you live in a storm-prone area, regularly inspect and trim trees and shrubbery. Strong winds frequently break weak tree limbs and hurl them at great speed, causing damage to buildings or injury when they hit.

  • Make trees more wind-resistant by removing diseased or damaged limbs, and strategically remove branches so that wind can blow through.
  • Green waste and tree removal services may be unavailable just before a storm arrives, so it is best to do this regularly rather than leave it until severe weather is forecast.

Get your roof checked regularly to make sure it is secure. Make sure all materials are securely fixed down, and all nails and other fastenings are in place. Clear away leaves and other debris from spouting and drains to prevent blockage and flooding or water damage.

Additional measures to consider:

  • Strengthen garage doors. Garage doors are often damaged or destroyed by flying debris, allowing strong winds to enter.
  • Install permanent shutters to cover windows. Shutters can be closed quickly and provide the safest protection for windows.
  • Install lightning rods on your whare/home and on sizeable sheds or any other buildings that house animals. Lightning rods will carry the electrical charge of lightning strikes safely to the ground, greatly reducing the chance of a lightning-induced fire.