National CDEM Exercise Programme

Exercising needs to happen at all levels of Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM). The National CDEM Exercise Programme recognises this.

CDEM in New Zealand uses a devolved accountability approach. There are CDEM responsibilities at all levels of government. Including central and local government, emergency services and critical infrastructure.

The CDEM Act 2002 and the Guide to the National CDEM Plan place expectations on agencies and organisations involved in response. Clause 104 of the National CDEM Plan mandates a National CDEM Exercise Programme.

The National Emergency Management Agency is the National CDEM Exercise Programme sponsor. All 16 CDEM Groups own the programme. A representative governance group manages the programme.

A four-tier approach to exercising is in place (see table below). Each tier is expected to use a consistent regime of:

  • planning,  
  • observation,  
  • evaluation,  
  • feedback, and  
  • continuous improvement. 

National CDEM Exercise Programme tier structure

1 Local exercise (individual organisation)
2 Group exercise (with CDEM Group)
3 Inter-Group exercise (across CDEM Groups, may include the National Emergency Management Agency)
4 National exercise (New Zealand or part thereof, including central government)