NEMA Science Strategy

The new inaugural NEMA Science Strategy is designed to provide a framework about science engagement, promotion and influence in the context of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), and to ensure that it contributes to NEMA’s Strategic Framework/Tā Mātou Anga Rautaki and Strategic Outcomes/Ā Mātou Whāinga Rautaki.

The NEMA Science Strategy helps to ensure that strategic leadership decisions for risk reduction, readiness, response and recovery activities as well as emergency management capability and capacity are based on the latest research, science, and best practices. It will help to support the response to and recovery from emergencies, while ensuring the operation of the emergency management system is using key research and science. Lastly, it will help to provide assurance through science information that the emergency management system is fit for purpose.

This will be done across the four NEMA strategic outcomes. Within each there are four goals:

  • Assess and Update Data and Knowledge - State of data, scientific, and local knowledge, mātauranga Māori and technical expertise are assessed, updated and available.
  • Dissemination - Scientific evidence is synthesized, produced and disseminated in a timely and accessible manner that responds to the knowledge needs of policy makers and practitioners
  • Monitoring and Review - Scientific data and information support are used in monitoring and reviewing progress towards resilience building
  • Capacity Building - Better capacity in all sectors and countries to access, understand and use scientific information for better informed decision-making

NEMA will be appointing a Chief Science Advisor in early 2022 to help with the successful implementation of this strategy.

 Read the NEMA Science Strategy (PDF 270kb)

Published: Dec 20, 2021, 12:07 PM