Logistics in CDEM

Director’s Guideline for Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups [DGL17/15]

Logistics is a key part of a successful response. Its role is to provide the resources required by response personnel and the affected population, in good condition, at the right time, to the right place, and in the right quantities.

Logistics in CDEM aims to provide a consistent approach to carrying out logistics across all agencies involved in response or recovery. It emphasises the importance of creating a common understanding of logistics across all CDEM stakeholders, and streamlining logistics actions between agencies.

It describes:

  • the 9 logistics sub-functions

  • resource assessment, procurement, and management processes

  • tasks to be carried out during readiness, response, and recovery. 

It also provides practical templates and checklists.

This guideline is intended to expand on the logistics sections of the National CDEM Plan and the 2nd edition of the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) Manual. While it is applicable to a wide range of CDEM practitioners, it is particularly relevant to;

  • Controllers

  • CDEM Logistics Managers

  • members of CDEM Logistics teams, and

  • staff developing or delivering logistics training and development.

Logistics in CDEM: Director's Guideline for Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups [DGL 17/15] (.pdf 3.7MB)

Logistics in CDEM: Director's Guideline for Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups [DGL 17/15] (.docx 4.2MB)

Templates and checklists (Word format)

These templates and checklists from the appendices of the Logistics in CDEM Director's Guideline are provided in Word version so they can be amended and used by Logistics personnel.

Content for Offers and Assistance form (.docx, 33kb)

Content for Resource Issue Register form (.docx, 32kb)

Content for Resource Request form (.docx, 34kb)

Content for Transport Tasking form (.docx, 32kb)

Developing a Logistics CDEM Plan (.docx, 62kb)

Government financial assistance (.docx, 37kb)

Logistics appendix for the Action Plan template (.docx, 36kb)

Logistics readiness checklist (.docx, 36kb)

Logistics response checklist (.docx, 43kb)

Logistics response procedure (.docx, 37kb)

Procurement phases during an emergency (.docx, 71kb)

Resource Request procedures (.docx, 37kb)

Task log (.docx, 36kb)

Task sheet (.docx, 33kb)