Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) third edition

The Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) 3rd edition represents New Zealand’s official framework to achieve effective co-ordinated incident management across responding agencies. From 1 July 2020 the 3rd edition replaces all previous versions of CIMS.

CIMS describes how New Zealand agencies and organsiations coordinate, command, and control incident response of any scale, how the response can be structured, and the relationships between the respective CIMS functions and between the levels of response. Enhancements from previous editions introduced by the 3rd edition include (among others):

  • Strengthening the core foundations that CIMS is based upon, through emphasising:
    • A strong community focus,
    • Flexibility in application so that it can be used for small to large responses, and from Incident level through to National level, and
    • Unity of effort, i.e. organisations working together towards common objectives.
  • Highlighting the importance of the inclusion of iwi/Māori in response and recovery.
  • Introducing a holistic consequence assessment approach to ensure all consequences (including those not immediately evident) are considered in any response and recovery.
  • Expanding on the CIMS supporting protocols and systems by the introduction of an ‘Incident Classification’ system, expanding on the description of ‘Governance’, and introducing a ‘Strategic Communications’ role.
  • More fulsome descriptions of the CIMS Functions, the inclusion of Recovery (in response), and expanding on previous appendices.

CIMS 3rd edition Documents

CIMS 3rd edition (.pdf 3mb)

CIMS 3rd edition: What are the changes and what does this mean? (.pdf 455kb)

Where to access CIMS training / Information on unit standards (.pdf 225kb)

CIMS 3rd edition: Communications Plan (.pdf 381kb)

CIMS 3rd edition figures

The following diagrams are taken from CIMS 3rd edition. Click on the image for the full size version.