National Fuel Plan

Supporting Plan [SP 4/20]

The National Fuel Plan has been developed to provide a readiness and response framework for the fuel sector, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the National Emergency Management Agency and Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups. It includes agreed roles and responsibilities for agencies and documents agreed operational communications and coordination for use by the lead government agency in the National Crisis Management Centre, the Fuel Sector Coordinating Entity (chaired by MBIE) and CDEM Group Emergency Coordination Centres.

This Plan has been developed in conjunction with fuel companies, government departments and agencies, local government and CDEM Groups. This Plan replaces the National CDEM Fuel Plan 2012 and expands on operational aspects of MBIE’s Oil Emergency Response Strategy 2008. It will be jointly reviewed by National Emergency Management Agency and MBIE every three years.

The Plan covers major disruption to fuel supply including petroleum, diesel, aviation fuel and marine fuel. It incorporates on the recommendations from the Government Inquiry into the Auckland Fuel Supply Disruption.