Betterment approval process

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Unintentional betterment

Unintentional betterment occurs when an asset or the network is improved as an unintentional result of restoring network performance, functionality or serviceability (e.g. changed alignment, alternative or additional components to those that existed previously).

Unintentional betterment can be eligible for the 60 percent Government contribution.

The use of modern materials and construction techniques are also considered to be eligible for the Government funding contribution.

Approval of unintentional betterment will be considered when approving projects into the programme.

Deliberate betterment

Deliberate betterment is work that is intended to increase capacity, redundancy, or add better components over and above that required to restore the asset or network performance.

In general, deliberate betterment is not eligible for the 60 percent Government funding contribution. However, local authorities may make an application for special policy financial support, in accordance with Section 33.6.1 of the Guide to the National CDEM Plan.

Any Government contribution to deliberate betterment will need to be the subject of special policy financial support and must be approved by Cabinet (on a case-by-case basis).

Approval process for deliberate betterment

The flowchart below sets out the approval process for betterment.

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