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This page serves as an index to the range of CDEM-related publications, papers, resources and reference material available on our website.

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dgl 08 16 Tsunami Evacuation Zones Tsunami Evacuation Zones [DGL 08/16]

The purpose of this guideline is to provide for a nationally consistent approach to developing tsunami evacuation zones, maps, and public information for CDEM Groups and local authorities.

National Capability Assessment 2015 National Capability Assessment 2015

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management National Capability Assessment Report examines how well the country’s Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Groups are set up to deliver the National CDEM Strategy’s four goals of: community awareness and preparedness, reduced risks from hazards, improved management of emergencies and improved recovery from emergencies.

CDEM Group Planning [DGL 09/15] CDEM Group Planning [DGL 09/15]

The purpose of this guideline is to ensure a nationally consistent approach to CDEM Group planning which supports integration with national CDEM policy, planning, and monitoring and evaluation arrangements.

DGL 18 15 Emergency Movement Control PDF Emergency Movement Control [DGL 18/15]

The purpose of this guideline is to describe the major considerations and best practice approaches for the preparation and execution of emergency movement control. This guideline is focused primarily on large scale emergencies; however, many of the concepts and processes translate to smaller scale events.


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