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Help for coastal communities at risk of tsunami

27 Jul 2020

2:00 PM

Information released by MBIE’s Building System Performance team and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will help communities across New Zealand address a crucial issue – how do people living in low-lying, coastal areas evacuate in time from an impending tsunami?

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CAP feed for Emergency Mobile Alert is now live 

14 Jul 2020

2:58 PM

The new CAP feed allows EMA messages to be distributed by other systems that only need to be connected to the internet, so EMA life safety messages can get to people who are out of network coverage.

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2020 Edition of the New Zealand Critical Lifelines Infrastructure National Vulnerability Assessment

09 Jul 2020

5:10 PM

The New Zealand Lifelines Council has released the 2020 Edition of the New Zealand Critical Lifelines Infrastructure National Vulnerability Assessment.

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Canterbury earthquake resources find a permanent home

08 Jul 2020

2:21 PM

Lessons learned from the Canterbury earthquakes will be shared widely and preserved for the future when a collection of reports and information moves to a new digital home.

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New appointments to Emergency Management Assistance Team

01 Jul 2020

11:30 AM

New Zealand’s emergency response system has been boosted with a second cohort joining the New Zealand Emergency Management Assistance Team (EMAT).

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Report on use of powers during national transition period

22 Jun 2020

9:42 AM

The report on the exercise of statutory powers during the national transition period owing to the impacts of COVID-19 is now available.

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Guide to the National CDEM Plan 2015 updated

26 Mar 2020

6:02 PM

Six sections of the Guide to the National CDEM Plan 2015 have been revised, and are now available on our website.

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New National Fuel Plan launched

18 Mar 2020

9:57 AM

A new National Fuel Plan has been launched. The plan provides a a readiness and response framework to manage potential fuel supply disruptions.

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Information about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

06 Mar 2020

2:50 PM

Guidance from the New Zealand Government on the COVID-19 including health advice, travel restrictions and education-related information for students and parents can be found on the GOVT.NZ website.

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Whakaari White Island Volcanic Eruption

20 Dec 2019

11:51 AM

Information for affected people and for people visiting the area during the holiday period.

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