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01 Oct 2014

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management advises that while changes to Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre messages come into effect from today (Wednesday 1 October), the Ministry has been, and remains, the authoritative voice for tsunami advice in New Zealand.

30 Sep 2014

Impact is published quarterly by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management on topics of interest to the civil defence emergency management sector. The aim is to share information and lessons, and to celebrate successes. This edition features articles on Ministerial long service award recipients; Enhancing resilience of lifelines systems; a tribute from the Minister to retiring Director John Hamilton; Auckland students practice for the 'big one'; and more.

01 Sep 2014

This edition reinforces the theme of building community resilience, the theme that underpins all our work in civil defence emergency management. It is very pleasing to see just how many different projects are underway that contribute to resilience. Outlining some of these projects in bulletins such as this is intended to encourage other Groups to think about these approaches and consider something similar for their region.

04 Aug 2014

The National Emergency Management Agency has published a technical standard for tsunami warning sirens. It is for use by local authorities who choose to have sirens as part of their public alerting system. We have also posted a sound file of the electronic siren sound and the research documents The use of sirens for tsunami warning in New Zealand and An evaluation of the Signals Used for Tsunami Warnings in New Zealand.

25 Jun 2014

The Director's Guideline for Lifeline Utilities and Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups [DGL 16/14] is now available.

20 Jun 2014

From 1 July 2014, New Zealand is changing its definitions of the Volcanic Alert Level system used by GNS Science and GeoNet, and outlined in section 19, National CDEM warnings of the Guide to the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan.

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