To assist your local Civil Defence organisation in the event of an emergency, why not become a volunteer?

Civil Defence Emergency Management is delivered through a series of partnerships between many different groups: local councils, emergency services, community agencies and the wider community. All New Zealand communities rely upon these partnerships for effective emergency response and relief and volunteers are a vital component of this partnership. You can assist Civil Defence by volunteering for your local councils Civil Defence organisation, or volunteering for one of the many support agencies that assist in emergencies.

Without the commitment of devoted and skilled volunteers, services to the wider community in the event of an emergency would be severely restricted. Volunteers fulfil a range of roles in an emergency, including rescue, relief and welfare services and come from all walks of life. Devoting your time to volunteering in a civil defence capacity can be both rewarding and challenging.

More information

Civil Defence in your community is managed by your local council, so to find out more about the role of volunteers and the activities they are involved with in your local area, please contact your nearest city, district or regional council. You can find the contact details of the Civil Defence organisation nearest to you here. Alternatively, visit the website of Volunteering New Zealand.

See also: Volunteer Coordination in CDEM: Director's Guideline for Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups [DGL 15/13]