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Monday 11 Dec - 1:06 pm

'The Future of Emergency Management' National Emergency Management Conference 2016

The 2016 conference focused on ‘the future of emergency management’. Themes included: emerging hazards and risks, global and domestic trends, disaster risk reduction and resilience, innovations in response and recovery capability, and stepping up communications, public education and community resilience.

Hosted by MCDEM, in conjunction with the 9th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference, the conference was a mix of ‘plenary’ keynote speakers and concurrent panel and discussion sessions. Videos of all sessions are now avaiable via our youtube channel

Speakers were chosen for their ability to provide relevant insights, knowledge, or approaches to emergency management and get attendees thinking differently about what they do. They included:

  • Hon. Nikki Kaye (Minister for Civil Defence and Emergency Management)
  • Sir Ray Avery (pharmaceutical scientist, inventor, and social entrepreneur)
  • Dr Norman Chom (strategist, organisational development and ‘future-builder’)
  • Dr Chris Galloway (Massey University senior lecturer specialising in risk and crisis communications)
  • Said Faisal (executive director of the AHA Centre). 


The 2016 Ministerial Awards and Directors awards were presented as part of conference - more detail here 


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