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Tuesday 23 Jan - 12:45 pm

Get Ready Week 2016

Get Ready Week is held every year to mark the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (13 October). This year the theme for Get Ready Week is Prepared Kids.

This year the theme for Get Ready Week is Prepared Kids. We know that when kids are involved in preparing for emergencies and learning about natural hazards, they encourage their families to be more prepared and play a more active role in responding to and recovering from emergencies.

As part of Get Ready Week 2016, we are launching our redeveloped schools resource What’s the Plan, encouraging schools to update their emergency preparedness plans and use the new resource to build resilience as a life skill for their students.

We are also encouraging partner agencies and organisations to promote preparedness in the community, sharing our resources to get families talking about preparedness and involving kids in their plans.

For more information visit Get Ready Week