Resources for elected officials

Find important information that will help elected officials to navigate and understand the Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) system of New Zealand.

Job aids for Elected Officials

These job aids have been developed for Elected Officials to enhance their understanding of their role before, during and after emergencies.

In addition, this document includes top tips for Elected Officials before and during an emergency.

Useful links

Factsheets and guidance

How does Civil Defence Emergency Management work?

This 2018 scribed video looks at the strategic and operational elements of the Civil Defence Emergency Management system of New Zealand from a national, regional, local and personal perspective.

Produced by Nelson Tasman CDEM Group.

Guidance for elected officials (July 2019)

Hear from mayors about their experience working in the civil defence emergency management system. This 2019 video is organised around the 4 Rs (reduction, readiness, response and recovery) commonly used to describe New Zealand's integrated approach to civil defence emergency management.

Find more quotes from mayors

Produced by the National Emergency Management Agency

Webinar: CDEM guide for Mayors and elected officials (2017)

This 2017 webinar is designed to support your role during an emergency. It includes, understanding emergencies, expectations, the CDEM Act, declarations and powers, and more.

Produced by LGNZ

Key contacts, resources and approaches

Each CDEM Group has key contacts, resources and approaches that can support you understanding what emergency management looks like in your local area and this is captured in a strategic document called the CDEM Group Plan. For more information on CDEM priorities elected offcials should engage with its local CDEM Group and Council. 

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