Public education resources

Resources for CDEM staff involved in community awareness and education programmes.

Working from the same page: Consistent messages for CDEM

Working from the Same Page: Consistent Messages for CDEM is written to assist those responsible for developing and providing civil defence emergency management information to the general public. The document contains nationally agreed information on specific hazards and the actions that individuals, families and communities can take to reduce, prepare for and protect themselves from the effects of major disasters.

Working from the same page: Consistent messages for CDEM

Get Ready website logo

Find information on natural hazards, the impacts of emergencies and how you can get your home, school, work and community ready. Get Ready also has What's the Plan, Stan?, a resource to support schools, teachers and students to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare for emergency events.

Earthquake and tsunami public education resources

Posters and social media sharables helping to explain tsunami. What are they, where do they come from, how do you prepare? 

Find earthquake and tsunami resources

Marae emergency preparedness planning toolkit

A ‘toolbox’ of resources for Civil Defence Emergency Management professionals who wish to engage with marae-centric communities and support marae preparedness planning. The toolkit provides guidance on engagement avenues, marae protocol and customs, templates and a workshop guide. The resource also includes hazard and preparedness factsheets in English and Te Reo that can be provided to hauora, kohanga reo, kura kaupapa, marae and runganga (etc). A marae emergency preparedness plan will identify the potential hazards, people from the marae who have specialist skills (such as first aid) and a list of items that will be required to ensure they are adequately prepared.

For more information contact your local CDEM Group.

Get Ready resource for the blind and partially sighted

These .mp3 files provide useful information on the natural disasters that can happen in New Zealand and advice on how to be better prepared.

Get Ready resources for the deaf and hearing impaired

Information on the hazards we face in New Zealand and advice on what to do to be better prepared is presented in New Zealand Sign Language in a series of videos available on YouTube.


Turtle Safe

An educational DVD to teach preschool children what to do if they are inside or outdoors when an earthquake occurs.

Turtle Safe

What to do in an earthquake

Confusion about what to do when an earthquake happens can cause serious injury. This video illustrates what to do during an earthquake.

This earthquake safety video series shows what to do in an earthquake in different situations.

What to do in a tsunami

This video illustrates what to do during a tsunami.