Wellington Earthquake National Initial Response Plan

Supporting Plan [SP 02/17]

The Wellington Earthquake National Initial Response Plan (WENIRP) directs and coordinates the immediate national response to a major Wellington earthquake, to ensure the most effective use of scarce resources until a formal response structure and specific national action plan has been established. The plan is designed to allow immediate automatic activation without requiring specific direction from the National Crisis Management Centre. This is done by providing the concept of operations on which the response to the impact of a major Wellington earthquake is to be based. It also shows agreed roles and responsibilities for agencies participating in the response.

This version (1.1) of the WENIRP has been developed post the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake in order to ensure that, if a major aftershock occurred affecting the Wellington region, an effective response could be initiated. The review focused on the enablers of a response, the planning scenario and supply chain. The supply chain was identified as an area of critical importance as the enabler to an effective response at all levels (local, regional, and national). Accordingly, WENIRP 1.1 provides an initial supply chain model that has been designed to be flexible to the specific impacts and related consequences of a major earthquake.

Following the targeted WENIRP 1.1 review, a complete review of the document was initiated with WENIRP 2.0 scheduled to be completed in 2018.


Download a copy of the WENIRP (.pdf 1.6mb)