New Zealand Emergency Management Leadership Development Programme

Find out about the New Zealand Emergency Management Leadership Development Programme (NZ EMLDP), submissions and selection.

The Programme

decorative image EMLDPThe New Zealand Emergency Management Leadership Development Programme (NZ EMLDP) is NEMA’s comprehensive leadership development programme for emerging leaders within New Zealand’s Emergency Management (EM) community, growing capacity and resilience in New Zealand’s response to emergencies and adverse events.

The EMLDP is a 12-month Programme that is made up of 5 key elements:

  1. Pre-work and prerequisites
  2. A 10-day Residential Course
  3. Mentoring from an EMAT Team Member over 12 months
  4. Facilitated coaching on a ‘Return Day’
  5. Consolidation, next steps and participating at the NEMA EM Conference 2023

The EMLDP will be run annually with 28 participants. It has been modelled on the current EMAT Course, in that, it focuses heavily on inter-personal, intra-personal and leadership development. The course is supported with pre and post Hogan’s 360 psychological assessments that enable an individual to identify areas of strength, and areas where personal and professional development can take place.

The EMLDP residential course will be held at Camp Wainui, Wainuiomata, Wellington, over the dates Monday 21st – Thursday 31st March 2022. Over the following eleven months the EMLDP cadre will conduct mentoring and coaching activities which include 4 one-to-one mentoring sessions and a cadre return activity to evaluate learning and capability.

The EMLDP aims to empower Emergency Management practitioners to make positive change in their home organisations, while simultaneously lift the capability of the wider sector.

Once participants have completed the programme, the top performing participants may consider tailoring their practical skills and knowledge towards the goal of joining EMAT. Others can expect to be the first to be called as surge staff in either local emergences as a representative of their home agency, or to support in a deployment style surge staff capacity in other regions. This could include working in Emergency Coordination Centres (ECC), Deployable Command Centres (DCC) or to support in a National lead or support response in the National Coordination Centre (NCC), National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) or the Alternative National Crisis Management Centre (Alt NCMC).

Download the A3 Flyer (PDF 403kb)

Submissions and Selection

For this pilot course NEMA has identified partner agencies and key stakeholders who will be invited to submit submissions for their nominees to attend. This will change for future iterations of EMLDP where potential participants can submit manager supported applications which will then go through an application and selection process.

Partners and key stakeholders that are informed of their invitation to participate in NZ EMLDP are asked to compile a supporting statement around the suitability and capability of their nominee(s). This will need to be seconded by another appropriate peer.

Submissions open Monday 6 December 2021 and close 5pm Monday 20 December 2021.

Successful submissions will be contacted before Christmas advising of their position on the course.

Current NZ EMAT members need not apply.

Important Notice

It is important to note that this Programme requires a 12-month commitment. All potential participants and their managers are to be aware of this prior to sending submissions to attend. Successful participants will need to manage their own arrangements around leave for the course and any return days using their home agencies processes.

In the interest of public safety, we regretfully cannot accept anyone who is not COVID-19 vaccinated. We also regretfully cannot accept vaccine exemptions.

Further information

For further information please contact:

Lucas Vetter, Advisor, Major Events at


Jason Rogers, Programme Director at