Tephra is published by the Ministry to raise awareness and understanding of the major hazards we face in New Zealand, and address issues relevant to managing these hazards.

November 2012: Community Resilience: case studies from the Canterbury earthquakes

In this issue:

  • Director’s Foreword
  • Exploring Resilience
  • The Grace Vineyard Church Response
  • The New Brighton Community Response Following the Canterbury Earthquake
  • Students vs. The Machine
  • Sumner Community Hub
  • Lyttelton’s Grassroots Response
  • Challenging disaster management through Community Engagement
  • Mobilising for Resilience: From Government to Governance

Tephra Volume 23 (.pdf 1.33mb)

July 2009: Community Resilience

In this issue:

  • CDEM, Integrated Planning and Resilience What is the connection?
  • Resilience: Great Concept … But What Does it Mean for Organisations?
  • Defining and Measuring Community Resilience to Natural Disasters A case study from Auckland
  • Connections between Research and Resilience: The Role of EQC
  • Rational Chaos: Human and Traffic Behaviour in Earthquake Events
  • Empowerment and Capacity Building Recovery Lessons from an Earthquake in China
  • Opportunities for Natural Hazard Risk Reduction Perspectives from the State, Market, and Civil Society
  • Pre-Event Recovery Planning for Natural Hazards
  • Urban Resilience and the Open Space Network
  • A Perspective on Integration in Resource Management and Planning: The New Zealand Resource Management Act
  • A Systems Approach to Security Management
  • Research, Science, and Emergency Management Partnering for Resilience

Tephra Volume 22 (.pdf 7.8mb)

September 2004: Living with Volcanoes

In this issue:

  • Volcanoes of New Zealand
  • Monitoring New Zealand Volcanoes
  • Living with Volcanoes - The Taranaki Story
  • National Contingency Plan for Volcanoes
  • Understanding the Volcanic Risk
  • Cities on Volcanoes - Preparing for an Eruption from the Auckland Volcanic Field
  • Impacts & Mitigation Options
  • Evacuate - Impact of an evacuation order for the Bay of Plenty
  • The Okataina Threat for the Bay of Plenty
  • Research on Volcanoes & On the Web
  • Volcanic Hazard Risk Perceptions in New Zealand

Tephra Volume 21 (.pdf 3.64 MB)

June 2003: Wet and Wild

In this issue:

  • Weather Systems that Produce Floods and Gales
  • Severe Weather Forecasting
  • Coromandel Weather Bomb
  • Storms from the Tropics
  • Coastal Hazards
  • Swells on New Zealand Coasts
  • Is there a Real Tsunami Threat to our Coasts
  • Enhancing Flood Forecasts
  • Research on Weather Systems
  • A National Warning System
  • Using Radar to Diagnose Weather Systems
  • Snowstorms
  • Numerical Weather Prediction

Tephra Volume 20 (.pdf 8.6mb)

June 2002: Earth Movements

In this issue:

  • Overview: An Earth Moving Experience in New Zealand
  • The Abbotsford Landslide
  • The Crater Lake Issue
  • Planning for a Lahar Event
  • Evaluating the Risks and Coordinating Planning
  • Towards a Resilient New Zealand
  • Protecting the National Grid
  • Sinkhole at Waihi
  • Speedy Response to Waihi Subsidence
  • The Next Great West Coast Earthquake
  • Hipaua Steaming Cliffs and Little Waihi Landslide
  • Shakin’ the House Down
  • Geonet: Monitoring the Hazards in a New Century

Tephra Volume 19 (.pdf 8.5mb)

February 2001: Floods

In this issue:

  • Flood Weather
  • Factors causing flooding to be New Zealand's Number One Hazard
  • The Big One of '98
  • Alexandra: A practical solution for managing flood risk
  • Managing the Flood Hazard
  • Research for Resilience
  • Wairoa - A town living with the risk of flooding
  • Floodplain Management Planning

Tephra Volume 18 (pdf 5.2mb)

October 1999: Tsunami (.pdf 3.9mb)

June 1998: Earthquakes (.pdf 2.4mb)

June 1997: Storms (.pdf 715kb)

June 1996: Risk Management (.pdf 435kb)

October 1995: Volcanic Hazards in New Zealand (.pdf 778kb)