Rapid Impact Assessment

Information for the CDEM sector [IS 14/13]

Assessing the impact of an emergency is a vital component of response planning, and the subsequent implementation of immediate response activities.

Rapid impact assessment refers to assessments undertaken within the first 8 or 48 hours of an emergency. Their purpose is to obtain a rapid and broad picture of the extent of the damage suffered. This information is then used to help determine initial response activities, and to ascertain where and when more detailed forms of assessment may be needed, such as in-depth building and structural assessments, or detailed welfare or recovery needs assessments.

Rapid Impact Assessment: Information for the CDEM sector [IS 14/13] gives an overview of the concept of rapid impact assessment, and emphasises the importance of preparation, as well as integration. The effectiveness and efficiency of rapid impact assessments depends on the coordination and cooperation of all agencies involved in response. This document will be supported by the New Zealand Fire Service web service application (to be released in 2014) that will facilitate the work of response agencies carrying out rapid impact assessments.

Included in this document are the forms for rapid impact assessments. It is intended that these forms will be integrated into electronic information management systems, such as the Emergency Management Information System (EMIS).

Rapid Impact Assessment: Information for the CDEM sector [IS 14/13] (.pdf 3.4mb)

Rapid Impact Assessment: Information for the CDEM sector [IS 14/13] (.doc 4.5mb)


These forms from the appendices of the Rapid Impact Assessment document are provided in Word versions as well as PDF, so they can be set up to be used electronically.

Impact report form (.pdf 32kb)

Impact report form (.doc 37kb)

Initial damage assessment form (.pdf 51kb)

Initial damage assessment form (.doc 37kb)

Initial situation overview form (.pdf 63kb)

Initial situation overview form (.doc 39kb)