Development Needs Analysis (DNA)

Best Practice Guide [BPG 5/10]

The National Emergency Management Agency has published a guide to assist the CDEM sector to conduct Development Needs Analyses. The purpose of this guide is to support CDEM Groups and organisations to conduct an effective development needs analysis (DNA). It provides practical advice, tools and templates to apply and adapt a simple DNA process to a range of professional development scenarios.

A DNA is a process of gathering and analysing information to identify where there are gaps or potential gaps in a role or an area of a particular function. For instance, the process can provide insight for how a role should be performed and how it is being performed.

Development Needs Analysis Best Practice Guide (.pdf 1.5mb)

DNA tools and templates

Accompanying the guideline are tools and templates to use throughout the process. There are tools and templates for each step when conducting a DNA.

Download the DNA tools and templates available to support this guide (in Word format):

DNA Template 1.1 – Initial Investigation Questionnaire (.doc 143kb)

DNA Template 2.1 – DNA Planning (.doc 148kb)

DNA Template 3.1 – Suggested Interview Questions (.doc 162kb)

DNA Template 3.2 – Performance Formula (.doc 134kb)

DNA Template 4.1 – Data Analysis Matrix (.doc 152 kb)

DNA Template 4.2 – Summary of Findings & Recommendations (.doc 138kb)

DNA Template 5.1 – DNA Report Template (.doc 199kb)

Please contact the capability development team if you need any further information regarding the guide or the tools and templates provided.