Tsunami Warning Sirens [TS03/14]

Technical Standard [TS03/14]

This standard aims to achieve national consistency when sirens are used by local authorities as a public alerting option for tsunami warnings. It addresses the required siren signal, the meaning of sirens, and the requirements for their operation. It is important to recognise that sirens should be only one component within a wider warning system, and that the publication of this Standard is also not an official endorsement of their use for tsunami warnings because they have a number of disadvantages. The accompanying research documents The use of sirens for tsunami warning in New Zealand and An evaluation of the Signals Used for Tsunami Warnings in New Zealand was commissioned by the National Emergency Management Agency to inform the development of the standard. The standard was also widely consulted with CDEM Groups.

Technical Standard [TS03/14] - Tsunami Warning Sirens (.pdf 309kb)

Sound File: Tsunami Sirens Standard_signal_multiple tone repeated rise.wav (.wav 1,332 kb)

UC Research Document - An evaluation of the signals used for tsunami warnings in New Zealand (.pdf 1,202kb)

The use of sirens for tsunami warning in New Zealand (.pdf 2,250kb)