Including people with disabilities

Information for the CDEM Sector [IS 13/13]

As a consequence of shared experiences of the Canterbury earthquakes, the National Emergency Management Agency worked with people with disabilities, disabled person’s organisations, the Ministry of Health, the Office for Disability Issues and the CDEM sector to develop a disability inclusive approach to CDEM. This included feedback received during a symposium held in Christchurch in May 2012.

Community preparedness and resilience comes from understanding the community and how it works. By partnering with people with disabilities and their wider networks, CDEM organisations can gain an understanding of the requirements of these members of the community, and also of their strengths. Full participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of CDEM will ensure that CDEM is delivered in disability inclusive ways.

The approach of incorporating the requirements of people with disabilities within CDEM will be followed by the Agency in the development of all future guidance.

Including people with disabilities [IS 13/13] (.pdf 3.7mb)

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