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This page serves as an index to the range of CDEM-related publications, papers, resources and reference material available on our website.

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Administrative arrangements for welfare support during a pandemic Administrative arrangements for welfare support during a pandemic

This package of welfare related material for an influenza pandemic is a consolidation and clarification of welfare planning information that has been distributed previously to some agencies. It is endorsed by senior representatives of MSD, MCDEM and the MoH and is to be distributed by all three agencies through their normal channels. The purpose of the information in this document is to provide guidance and support for the three sectors in their planning for the provision of a welfare response in an influenza pandemic event.

CDEM Exercises [DGL 10/09] CDEM Exercises [DGL 10/09]

This guideline is for use by personnel tasked with developing and managing Civil Defence Emergency Management exercises to assist them in meeting the requirements of the National CDEM Plan 2005 and the Guide to the National CDEM Plan. It may also be of use to those performing similar roles and functions within other agencies.

CDEM Group Plan Review [DGL 09/09] CDEM Group Plan Review [DGL 09/09]

This guideline has been superseded by DGL 09/15 CDEM Group Planning.

Mass Evacuation Planning [DGL 07/08] Mass Evacuation Planning [DGL 07/08]

This Director’s Guideline is for use by the Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group and Local Authority Emergency Management Officers to assist them to facilitate evacuation planning activities and prepare evacuation plans in order to meet the requirements of the CDEM Act 2002 and the National CDEM Plan 2005. It will also be of use to those within other agencies performing similar or associated duties, roles and functions.

Tsunami Signage [TS 01/08] Tsunami Signage [TS 01/08]

The objective of the Technical Standard is to provide consistency in the signs and their placement across New Zealand, and to make our tsunami signage compliant with those used overseas. Compliance by CDEM Groups with this Technical Standard will not only provide a consistent approach across New Zealand, but it will also contribute to public awareness of the risks posed by tsunamis and better understanding of what should be done by communities in response to an event.


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