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New Ministry of Health advice on infant feeding in an emergency

15 Feb 2016

3:38 PM

The Ministry of Health has published advice for health practitioners, district health board emergency management staff and consumers on infant feeding in an emergency.

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New National Capability Assessment Report

16 Dec 2015

12:45 PM

A new Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management report shows that civil defence organisations across the country are much better prepared to deliver for their communities today than they were three years ago.

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New response planning guideline published

10 Dec 2015

9:47 AM

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has published a new guideline on response planning. Response planning is the coordination of separate functions and support agencies into a cohesive, unified whole to achieve the Controller’s response objectives.

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Guide to the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan 2015

27 Nov 2015

11:20 AM

The Ministry has just released the new Guide to the National Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan 2015 (the Guide). The Guide sets out the arrangements, roles, and responsibilities of agencies for the national management, or support to local management, of emergencies. The Guide incorporates the wording of the new National CDEM Plan 2015, which states the principles, arrangements, and frameworks that apply to the management of emergencies. The Guide supports this wording with further detail, diagrams, and operational information.

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Proposed new law will help communities recover from emergencies

11 Nov 2015

3:24 PM

A proposed law change to help communities recover from small to moderate scale emergencies has started to make its way through Parliament. The Civil Defence Emergency Management Amendment Bill has been introduced to Parliament.

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Communities to benefit from new guidance to manage welfare services in emergencies

05 Nov 2015

4:54 PM

Improvements are being made to how welfare services are coordinated and delivered to communities when there is an emergency. The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has just released a new guideline governing how, when and where welfare services should be delivered in emergencies.

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More than 100 actions in place to better prepare NZ for managing an emergency

20 Oct 2015

9:43 AM

New Zealand is now better at planning for emergencies and supporting the public in them, with over 100 recommendations from the Independent Review of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Response to the Christchurch Earthquake now actioned

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NZ earthquake drill leads the world

15 Oct 2015

4:06 PM

Initial results show that official sign-ups for New Zealand ShakeOut 2015 have beaten the 2012 national earthquake drill, with over 1.35 million Kiwis signed up this year.

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Seven day countdown to ShakeOut drill

08 Oct 2015

1:34 PM

With just seven days to go until New Zealand’s national ShakeOut earthquake drill, a challenge is going out to every business and family in the country to sign up now to help them ‘get ready and get thru’ if there is a disaster.

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National Tsunami Warning cancelled - 18th September 2015

18 Sep 2015

2:00 PM

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management has cancelled the National Tsunami Warning (Marine and Beach Threat) issued yesterday after the earthquake near Chile. The National Warning no longer needs to be in place as the threat to New Zealand’s East Coast and Chatham Islands has largely passed. We expect that there may be some unusual water conditions for the next 24-36 hours and advise people to be cautious and use discretion before going into the water or going out in small board. We expect things to be back to normal within that 36 hour period.

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