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21 Jul 2021

Trifecta Programme Initial Stakeholder Sector Survey Results

Results from the Regulatory Framework Review (“Trifecta”) Programme Stakeholder Survey undertaken in May 2021 are now available.

04 Jun 2021

New appointments to Emergency Management Assistance Team

New Zealand’s emergency response community has been enhanced with a third cohort joining the New Zealand Emergency Management Assistance Team (EMAT).

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28 May 2021

Introduction to CIMS video

The Introduction to CIMS video provides an overview of the Coordinated Incident Management System; the framework that agencies and organisations in Aotearoa use to manage responses to incidents and emergency events.

26 May 2021

Regulating in a Crisis videos now available

Emergencies happen. And the consequences are often as complex as they are critical. This three part video series is for regulators. What do you need to do after reducing risk, to be ready for, respond to, and recover from any emergency event?

25 May 2021

The Ministerial Advisory Committee on Emergency Management

The Ministerial Advisory Committee on Emergency Management was announced by the Acting Minister for Emergency Management on 25 May 2021. It is expected to meet 6 times per year. Its terms of reference set out its purpose an functions.

18 May 2021

Hikurangi and Kermadec Islands Earthquakes Post-Event Report

This post-event report focuses on the National Emergency Management Agency’s response to the 5 March, 2021 Hikurangi and Kermadec Islands series of earthquakes and tsunami.

21 Apr 2021

National Emergency Management Conference 2021 | Hui Taumata o Te Uepū Whakahaere Haumaru

The National Emergency Management Conference will be held on 25-27 May at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington, and will include the Conference Dinner on the evening of 26 May. This year's theme is 'Building Safe and Resilient Communities: The Future of the Emergency Management System'.

25 – 27 May 2021
01 Mar 2021

CIMS 3rd edition Role Cards now available

A national set of CIMS 3rd edition Role Cards has been released. The CIMS Role Cards cover key CIMS roles/functions at incident, local, regional and national response levels.

20 Dec 2020

Results of the 2020 Disaster Preparedness Survey

The National Emergency Management Agency has released the results of the 2020 Colmar & Brunton Disaster Preparedness Survey. This annual survey of 1001 New Zealanders assesses disaster preparedness and the effectiveness of our public education programme.

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