New Zealand Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS), 2nd Edition

The New Zealand Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) 2nd Edition describes how New Zealand agencies coordinate, command, and control incident response of any scale, how the response can be structured, and the relationships between the respective CIMS functions and between the levels of response.

It is the primary reference for incident management in New Zealand.

This edition of CIMS provides guidance on:

  • the fundamental principles of incident management
  • response functions, structures, and processes
  • the different levels of incident response, from incident level up to national, and including communities
  • creating action plans before and during a response, and how to link multiple action plans together in complex incidents
  • common forms and reports
  • common terminology and glossary

MCDEM guidance on developing organisational capability with CIMS (2nd edition) (.pdf 230kb)

CIMS is available in the following formats*:

In PDF format, suitable for personal use or small-scale printing (.pdf 3.9mb)

A printable file format that can be provided to a commercial printer for larger-scale print runs (.pdf 11.8mb)

This edition replaced The New Zealand Coordinated Management System (CIMS) 1st Edition, published in 1998 by the New Zealand Fire Service Commission (also known as the ‘Blue Book’). The 3rd edition superseded the 2nd edition in August 2019, however the 2nd edition can be used until 31 June 2020 while the change from the 2nd to the 3rd edition is taking place. From 1 July 2020 only CIMS 3rd edition will apply.