New Zealand ShakeOut 2018

New Zealand ShakeOut is our national earthquake drill and tsunami hikoi (walk), taking place on Thursday 18 October 2018, at 9:30am.

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Visit the New Zealand ShakeOut website to sign up and find out more.

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You can easily sign up at our New Zealand ShakeOut website.

Visit New Zealand ShakeOut website

About New Zealand ShakeOut

All of New Zealand is at risk of earthquakes and all of our coastline is at risk of tsunami. We can’t predict when one will happen, but we can protect ourselves and our family.

New Zealand ShakeOut is our national earthquake drill and tsunami hikoi (walkout), taking place on Thursday 18 October 2018 at 9.30am.

This year we are encouraging all early childhood centres, schools, tertiary organisations to sign up, hold a Drop, Cover and Hold drill, and plan a tsunami hikoi if they are in a tsunami zone. Families, individuals, businesses and other organisations can take part too.

What is Drop, Cover and Hold?

Drop, Cover and Hold is the right action to take during an earthquake. It stops you being knocked over, makes you a smaller target for falling and flying objects and protects your head, neck and vital organs. It’s important to practise the right action to take, so that when a real earthquake happens, we know what to do.

Find out more about Drop Cover and Hold

Long or Strong, Get Gone

Remember, if you are near the coast and feel an earthquake that is Long or Strong, Get Gone

If you:

  • feel a strong earthquake near the coast that makes it hard to stand up, or a weak rolling earthquake that lasts a minute or more,
  • see a sudden rise or fall in sea level, or,
  • hear loud and unusual noises from the sea,

...move immediately to the nearest high ground, or as far inland as you can. Walk or bike if possible.

Do not wait for official warnings. A local source tsunami could arrive in minutes and there won’t be time for an official warning. It is important to recognise the natural warning signs and act quickly.

Learn how to get tsunami ready

Teaching children about emergencies

Our 'What’s the Plan, Stan?' programme supports schools, teachers, students, principals and boards of trustees to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare for emergency events.

The online resource has learning programmes that focus on emergency events and the effects they could have on students and the community, and information about taking a whole-school emergency approach to planning and preparing.

Visit the 'What's the Plan, Stan?' website