New Get Ready website

A new website for public emergency preparedness information called ‘Get Ready’ will be launched on 11 July 2019.

Key dates and timings

Note: The Get Thru website at will remain at its current URL until that website’s multilingual content is absorbed into Get Ready.  The Get Ready website links across to Get Thru for those multilingual resources.

Summary of key redirection URLs to be in place from 10 July

Schools and organisations linking to or accessing emergency preparedness information may need to be aware of these key changes in place from 10 July, 4pm.

  1. What's the Plan Stan – All traffic linking to will be redirected to the Resources for schools: What’s the Plan Stan section of Get Ready at
    Key resources for teachers of school age children have been moved into the new Get Ready website. 
  2. ShakeOut – All traffic linking to will be redirected to the ShakeOut section of Get Ready at The ShakeOut and Tsunami Hikoi sign up form and other information will be on the Get Ready website.
  3. Happens – All traffic for will redirect to the main Get Ready home page at
    The National Emergency Management Agency is largely discontinuing the Happens campaign, but most of the web content has been absorbed into the Get Ready website.

The Agency recognises that there is a lot of printed material in circulation that includes these URLs and will be maintaining these redirects to Get Ready for at least five years until December 2024.

The Agency recommends that external organisations update their own websites and internal resources to link to the new Get Ready URLs rather than depend on these redirected URLs working forever.  That is the best way to minimise disruption for staff and site visitors.

Detailed Get Ready website page and URL structure

Organisations in the emergency management sector who want to prepare in advance of the launch of the Get Ready website can use the list of URLs and page titles below to identify the most appropriate new page to link to from their own website pages or internal resources.

The URL and page structure below is current as at Monday, 1 July and is stable.

We recommend that you link to Get Ready using as the base URL of your hyperlinks eg Any other variant URL like or will be redirected to

Contact for enquiries

Contact the National Emergency Management Agency Communications team at