Emergency Mobile Alert capable phones

Check if your phone is able to receive Emergency Mobile Alerts. If your phone is on the list, ensure the phone is updated to the latest available operating system.

Phones sold by 2degrees, Spark and Vodafone and known to be Emergency Mobile Alert capable are listed below.  If your phone is from overseas or parallel imported it may work in New Zealand, however your experience may differ from those sold in New Zealand. 

How do I upgrade to the latest version of software on my phone?

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi to prevent using your mobile data.

  • For iPhone, open Settings, select General, select Software Update.
  • For Android, open Settings, select About (or About phone), select System, or Software Updates.

Refer to your phone’s manual for more information about updating your phone.

Check to see if your phone is set up for Emergency Mobile Alerts

My updated phone is on the list, but how can I be sure I’ll receive Emergency Mobile Alerts? Being able to see the Emergnecy Alert settings indicates your phone is Emergency Mobile Alert capable.


Check on iPhone

Open Settings, select Notifications, and at the bottom you should see a toggle for “Emergency Alerts”.


Check on Samsung

Find instructions on the Samsung NZ website.


Check on other Android phones

The Emergency Alert settings are dependent on the manufacturer and model.


Generally the settings can be found through one of the following ways:


Open Settings, select Sounds and select Advanced. You should see an option for Emergency Broadcasts.

  • Open Settings, select Wireless & Networks and select More. You should see an option for Cell Broadcasts.
  • Open Settings and select General Settings. You should see an option for Emergency Alerts.
  • Open the text message app and select Message Settings. You should see an option for Emergency Alert Settings.

Your alert settings may be called a number of different names including: Emergency Alerts, Emergency Broadcasts, Extreme Threats or Severe Threats.