Recovery Resources and Information

This page contains links to useful resources and information about recovery and recovery practice in New Zealand.

Human Face of Disaster Recovery

This factsheet outlines how all workers involved in disaster can contribute to human recovery. It summarises changes likely to occur to communities and people during the recovery period, and offers suggestions for helping people in crisis.

Human Face of Recovery (42 KB)

Social Dimension of Recovery

This paper presents a model of the social phenomena of emergency recovery and predicts the dynamics of affected communities that enable social recovery to be managed as the context for personal recovery. It is based on observations of Australian disasters and emergencies over the last twenty years and on research findings in the literature.

Social Dimension of Recovery (1.8 MB)

Leading in Disaster Recovery: Companion through the Chaos

A book by New Zealand Red Cross for leaders working in disaster recovery. The book shares hard-won wisedom, practical strategies and tools for people in leadership roles during an emergency. 

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EQ Recovery Learning

EQ Recovery Learning is an online platform for sharing recovery tools, insights and information to better equip leaders, communities and those directly involved in recovering from a disaster. New Zealand has an opportunity and a responsibility to learn from the Canterbury earthquakes. By sharing this learning, we can become better prepared and support others navigating the difficult path of disaster recovery. EQ Recovery Learning welcome insights, learning and reflections from those involved in the Canterbury earthquake recovery. Guidance on how to contribute is available on the EQ Recovery Learning website.

Understanding Social Recovery

This report provides social recovery practitioners with strategies, activities and lessons learned by CERA’s social recovery leaders between 2011 and 2016. It describes the recovery context of greater Christchurch; the leadership challenges and opportunities and the skills and values necessary for social recovery leadership. It outlines the importance of recovery monitoring and evidence and the strategic activities that progress community resilience and housing recovery.

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Australian Emergency Management Handbook Series, Community Recovery

This handbook provides a comprehensive guide to community recovery in Australia. It is intended for use by planners, managers and those involved in working with communities to design and deliver recovery processes, services, programs and activities.It provides valuable insights that are also relevant to New Zealand

Australian Emergency Management Handbook Series, Community Recovery

International Recovery Platform guidance on pre-disaster recovery planning

This guidance note steps through examples of how scenario-based planning can assist in developing recovery plans.

Guidance note on recovery: pre-disaster recovery planning