What’s The Plan Stan?

What’s The Plan Stan? is a resource for teaching Civil Defence in schools and for kids to learn about disasters.

What’s the Plan Stan seeks to improve awareness and understanding of the hazards we face in New Zealand. It also promotes emergency preparedness in primary and intermediate schools by providing teachers and students with the knowledge and skills to act in a safe manner when a disaster occurs. Students’ increased awareness and understanding may also prompt their parents, families and communities to be better prepared.

What’s the Plan Stan is aimed at:

  • teachers, providing a range of resources to enable them to incorporate disaster awareness and preparedness into teaching and learning approaches
  • school management, assisting with the school’s civil defence emergency management planning processes
  • students and their families, providing relevant information in a format that is interesting, easy to understand and accessible on a dedicated website.

The resource was updated in 2009 to align with the New Zealand Curriculum and copies sent to all primary and intermediate schools.

Additional copies of the resource are available for schools in your area should you require them. Contact your nearest local council or email emergency.management@dpmc.govt.nz

Resource components

The resource has a number of components, each of which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other. These include:

  • A guide for teachers, including unit plans and activities
  • A CD–Rom for teachers and students, including stories, interactive games, research material, tips for teachers and resources that can be cut and pasted into unit plans . The CD-Rom can also be run off the school intranet.
  • a website - www.whatstheplanstan.govt.nz

The guide includes:

  • unit plans, activities and ideas to increase students’ confidence in emergency planning and practice
  • fact sheets about different types of disasters
  • simulation and practice activities that involve the school and community agencies
  • information about the roles of principals, Boards of Trustees and the community agencies
  • templates for the activities and suggested resources including books and websites.

Teachers are encouraged to modify and adapt the unit plans and activities to suit the needs of their students. Ideally a school approach is recommended as this is an effective way to share planning and resources (while all focusing on the same topic), to involve the wider school community and outside agencies, and to learn from each other.

The Website and CD-Rom includes

Resources for teachers:

  • Word and PDF files of the WTPS? Teachers’ Guide, unit plans and all the templates, for printing and adapting
  • links to websites and organisations
  • ideas for using the Website and CD-Rom with students.

Fun activities, information and interactive stories for students:

  • details of earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, floods, storms and non-natural disasters and what to do in these events
  • map of disasters and events in every region of New Zealand
  • interactive stories and quiz games
  • information on selected historic disasters
  • photographs and video clips

Kia Takatū

In 2008 Kia Takatū, a Te Reo version of the resource was developed and sent to over 300 Maori immersion and bilingual schools.

We have developed Kia Takatū with the help of a working group of representatives from the Māori community to provide materials and templates in Te Reo Māori. These are designed to be used in conjunction with the English What’s the Plan Stan? resource.

Kia Takatū materials include:

  • Kia Takatū resource book with material and templates for teachers, students and their parents/whanau, and five stories about disasters and what to do.
  • Kia Takatū CD-Rom containing a PDF file of the Kia Takatû resource book which can be printed to produce more copies.
  • Audio CD with stories in Te Reo Maori which includes stories from a Māori-world view of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, floods and storms. Each story concludes with information on what to do before, during and after a disaster.

Additional copies of the resource are available for schools in your area should you require them. Contact your nearest local council or email emergency.management@dpmc.govt.nz

Evaluation of What’s The Plan Stan?

Promotional material

What’s the Plan Stan A3 poster (.pdf 204kb)

What’s the Plan Stan A4 colouring in pictures (.pdf 100kb)