Tsunami public education resources

We're encouraging civil defence emergency management groups, partner agencies and organisations to get involved and promote awareness of the right action to take before, during and after a tsunami. Use the resources and information below and help prepare New Zealand for a tsunami.



Translated resources

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Earthquake posters

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Long or Strong: get Gone posters

Tsunami radio advertisement

Tsunami radio advertisement/public announcement (.mp3 1.2mb)

Tsunami digital banner

Tsunami 101 posters

Social Media Shareables

We've developed a series of facebook and twitter posts that can be shared to help explain tsunami. Each post has an image that goes with it. Take a look! 

Working towards tsunami safer early learning services and schools

This guide provides consistent advice and resources for a Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group to use when providing technical guidance and support to early learning services and schools to become tsunami safer. It was developed by the East Coast Lab together with the Ministry of Education, Tairāwhiti Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, Manawatu-Wanganui Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, GNS Science and Massey University.

Information sheets:

  1. Whakamahere Planning (.pdf 207kb)
  2. Ngā whakatūpato Hazards, warnings & impacts (.pdf 370kb)
  3. Ngā tikanga whakawātea Evacuations (.pdf 342kb)
  4. Ngā āheinga Practice drills (.pdf 533kb)
  5. Te whakawhitiwhiti kōrero Communication (.pdf 532kb)
  6. Ngā whānau pāhekoheko Family reunification (.pdf 473kb)
  7. Te whakaora Recovery (.pdf 882kb)
  8. He papa pātai: Ara manaaki Frequently Asked Questions: Duty of care (.pdf 200kb)

Te Hīkoi a Rūaumoko - Rūaumoko's Walk

Te Hīkoi a Rūaumoko - Rūaumoko's Walk is a bi-lingual children’s book based on Kahungunu legends and dialect telling the story of what to do in an earthquake with a subsequent tsunami threat. It was developed by representatives from the Hawke's Bay offices of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, Ministry of Education and Te Puni Kōkiri, Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated, Te Ūranga Waka at the Eastern Institute of Technology and Kahungunu Kōhanga Reo Tari.

The book is supported by a one-page education providers emergency planning template and a whānau activity sheet.

Watch the moving story book on Youtube:

Useful Tsunami Materials

What is a Tsunami  – National Emergency Management Agency general resource

Explains the science of Tsunami in detail http://www.civildefence.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/exercises/Tangaroa/what-is-a-tsunami-fact-sheet.pdf

Tsunami preparedness – National Emergency Management Agency preparedness

Information of tsunami warnings, and advice on what to do before, during and after


Tsunamis in NZ – GNS Science Risk of Tsunamis in NZ

Short summary of NZ’s vulnerability to tsunamis including historical tsunami


Tsunami science - GNS Science general resource

GNS’s accumulation of Tsunami science and research – modelling, monitoring, reports and background


Tsunami: When minutes count – National Emergency Management Agency tsunami survival stories

Survivors stories (video) from the 2009 September tsunami


The Tsunami that washed time away –Ministry of Education  teachers resource

Focuses on researching an historic Tsunami in Henderson Bay in Northland


Tsunami Resource for Kids  - National Emergency Management Agency resource for kids

Preparedness messages specifically for children.


Cascadia Rising (US Tsunami Exercise)

Example of how Tsunami Exercise public education has been done in the US


Translated Resources

ARABIC Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 144kb)

ARABIC Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 133kb)

BISLAMA Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 104kb)

BISLAMA Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 95kb)

BURMESE Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 139kb)

BURMESE Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 171kb)

SIMPLIFIED CHINESE Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 170kb)

SIMPLIFIED CHINESE Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 144kb)

TRADITIONAL CHINESE Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 163kb)

TRADITIONAL CHINESE Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 162kb)

COOK ISLAND MAORI Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 103kb)

COOK ISLAND MAORI Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 86kb)

FIJIAN Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 91kb)

FIJIAN Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 82kb)

GUJARATI Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 140kb)

GUJARATI Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 146kb)

HINDI Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 405kb)

HINDI Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 188kb)

JAPANESE Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 137kb)

JAPANESE Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 120kb)

KOREAN Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 134kb)

KOREAN Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 123kb)

MAORI Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 101kb)

MAORI Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 93kb)

PUNJABI Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 137kb)

PUNJABI Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 109kb)

RUSSIAN Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 95kb)

RUSSIAN Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 85kb)

SAMOAN Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 106kb)

SAMOAN Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 91kb)

SOMALI Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 94kb)

SOMALI Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 84kb)

SPANISH Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 94kb)

SPANISH Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 93kb)

TAGALOG Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 93kb)

TAGALOG Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 83kb)

TAMIL Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 146kb)

TAMIL Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 159kb)

THAI Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 251kb)

THAI Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 223kb)

TONGAN Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 102kb)

TONGAN Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 95kb)

URDU Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 119kb)

URDU Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 133kb)

VIETNAMESE Drop, cover, hold fact sheet (.pdf 235kb)

VIETNAMESE Tsunami fact sheet (.pdf 159kb)

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