Get Ready Get Thru

Get Ready Get Thru campaign information and resources

The national “Get Ready Get Thru” television, radio and online campaign focuses on raising awareness of the hazards we face in New Zealand and increasing the levels of preparedness to cope with disasters when they happen.

The campaign is built around themes that reverberate with people in New Zealand – the comfort of knowing you’ve done everything you can to be prepared and able to look after loved ones dependent on you, and the inconvenience of being ill-prepared – and around providing clear authoritative information, accessible solutions and constant reminders.

View the long term strategy for public education in New Zealand.

Detailed information for individuals and communities on our hazards and how to get ready is available in nine languages at Information is available in Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic and English.

A range of resources can be downloaded from the website. These include:

Household emergency plan and checklist

This document provides a template to help people create and practice a household emergency plan and assemble and maintain emergency survival items.

Household Emergency Checklist/Plan (.pdf 116kb)

Editable version of the Household Emergency Checklist (.doc 300kb)

Social media

The Get Ready Get Thru campaign is supported by Twitter and Facebook accounts.