New Zealand Fly-in Teams

This page provides indicative information about the New Zealand Fly-in Teams.

Note: The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management is currently finalising the New Zealand Fly-in Teams (NZ-FIT) design. The information on this page is indicative only and is subject to change.

New Zealand Fly-in Teams

NZ-FIT are a new capability in the emergency management system, and their establishment is the Government’s response to the recommendations in the Technical Advisory Group’s report on better responses to natural disasters and other emergencies.

NZ-FIT will help ensure that New Zealanders receive a consistent level of support in any emergency, wherever and whenever it happens.

NZ-FIT will have people with a mix of the appropriate attributes, skills and experience to go wherever required, without delay, to work with and support the local team as they manage emergencies.

How will New Zealand Fly-in Teams work?

NZ-FIT will be made up of experienced emergency management professionals and technical specialists from across New Zealand who would be brought together when needed and deployed into an area that is responding to and/or recovering from an emergency.

NZ-FIT volunteers will be drawn from local government and CDEM Groups, government agencies, emergency services and the New Zealand Defence Force. Teams will be made up of volunteers with specific CIMS, technical or scientific expertise as required by the situation. Across the pool of NZ-FIT volunteers there will be a mix of technical knowledge and experience including:

  • Controller and/or Recovery Manager function at Local or Group level,
  • Technical specialists in the CIMS functions - Operations, Planning, Intelligence, Logistics, Welfare, Risk and Public Information Management,
  • Specialists in Strategic Communications, and engaging with iwi/Māori and cultural capability.

What sort of people are we looking for?

We’re looking for people who can offer strong technical skills, years of experience and a range of other attributes. The greatest strength of NZ-FIT volunteers will be their ability to quickly adapt in a new environment, developing effective relationships and displaying situational awareness with local people under pressure as they deal with an emergency in their community. They’ll have a range of attributes and will be comfortable leading from behind, but they’ll also know when to be firm and decisive. They will apply diplomacy, tact and negotiation skills. Empathy, kindness, emotional intelligence and team ethos will be key requirements of NZ-FIT volunteers.