National Lifelines Forum 2013

New Zealand Lifelines 2013 National Lifelines Forum Auckland (.pdf 282kb)

Earthquake effects on critical infrastructure - Prof. Tom O’Rourke (.pdf 14mb)

Natural Hazards Research Platform update - Roger Fairclough (.pdf 1.4mb)

Economics of Resilient Infrastructure - Tony Fenwick (.pdf 902kb)

Resilience of NZ ports - Liam Wotherspoon (.pdf 59kb)

Infrastructure loss projections from Canterbury EQs - Sonia Giovinazzi (.pdf 1.6mb)

Multi hazard impacts on lifeline systems - Sonia Giovinazzi (.pdf 1.4mb)

Organisational resilience for lifeline utilities - Erica Seville (.pdf 2mb)

SCIRT and Canterbury’s horizontal infrastructure rebuild - Rod Cameron (.pdf 2.5mb)

Orion’s Canterbury electricity network update - John O'Donnell (.pdf 279kb)

Watercare’s capital works programme - Chris Watson + Brian Park (.pdf 20mb)

Proposed earthquake provision in the Building Act - Dave Brunsdon (.pdf 747kb)

National Infrastructure Unit update - Richard Ward + Roger Fairclough (.pdf 7mb)

MCDEM update including lifelines directors guideline - Mike Frew (.pdf 1.1mb)

Oil security - James Goodchild (.pdf 796kb)

Fuel Forum talk - Mike Frew (.pdf 772kb)

Resilience indicators session - Richard Ward + Roger Fairclough (.pdf 324kb)

Volcanic Impact Study Group - Natalia Deligne (.pdf 1mb)

GeoNet update - Sara Page (.pdf 767kb)

Climate change and lifeline utilities - Rob Bell (.pdf 3mb)

Centre for Advanced Engineering update - Richard Bentley (.pdf 117kb)