National Lifelines Forum 2012

Held in New Plymouth on November 7-8 at the Devon Hotel and Conference Centre.

Lifeline Group Projects and Activities November 2012 Update (.doc 516kb)

National Lifelines Forum 2012 - key points (.doc 524kb)

Welcome and Forum Opening (.pdf 75kb)

Dave Brunsdon, Chair of the New Zealand Lifelines Committee opened the forum.

The National Infrastructure Plan and Resilience (.pdf 1mb)

Update from Richard Ward and Roger Fairclough on activities by Treasury’s National Infrastructure Unit.

Volcanic Impacts Study Group (.pdf 8.3mb)

Brad Scott provided an overview of the recent Mt Tongariro eruption (plus the three other volcanoes that joined in).

Update from GeoNet (.pdf 2.7mb)

Ken Gledhill provided an overview and update on GeoNet, including news on tsunami detection.

GeoNet Rapid (.pdf 3.4mb)

Sara Page explained the introduction of GeoNet Rapid and information sharing from GeoNet through social media.

Canterbury Earthquake, Building Resilient Infrastructure (.pdf 2.9mb)

Overview presentation by Warren Ladbrook of CERA on progress with the restoration and reconstruction of infrastructure, and a discussion on the issues arising for risk mitigation in other regions.

Promoting Awareness of the Implications of Wellington Lifelines to Earthquake (.pdf 757kb)

Richard Mowll explained the Wellington Lifeline Group’s project to highlight the realistic restoration times for lifeline utilities following a major earthquake in the Wellington region.

Resilient Organisations (.pdf 865kb)

Erica Seville updated the forum on the progress of Resilient Organisations research programme.

Lifeline Group Methodologies and Forms of Output (.pdf 477kb)

Tony Fenwick and Mark Constable will provide an overview of the different approaches being taken by Lifelines Groups to identify their critical areas and ‘hot spots’, and the forms of project outputs.

Building Issues for Lifeline Utilities Following Major Earthquakes (.pdf 488kb)

Dave Brunsdon highlighted some of the key issues for Lifeline Utilities in relation to their buildings. These will draw upon the processes implemented following the February earthquake in Christchurch, including priority demolitions, and summarise the key preparatory measures that Lifeline Utilities and other critical services providers should put in place.

New Zealand Shakeout and the National Exercise Programme (.pdf 5.2mb)

Jo Guard from MCDEM outlined the key learnings from New Zealand Shakeout, and provide an overview of the key points of the National Exercise Programme for lifeline utilities.

Other Agency Updates

Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (.pdf 2.9mb)

Mark Constable gave an overview on MCDEM’s work on Lifeline Utility Co-ordination arrangements, the independent review of the response to the February 2011 earthquake, the National CDEM Fuel Plan and the Emergency Management Information System.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (.pdf 577kb)

James Goodchild updated the forum on MBIE’s current infrastructure policy involvement

Natural Hazards Research Platform (.pdf 269kb)

Roger Fairclough on current and new infrastructure research activities from the Platform